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helpIT systems are a leading provider of data cleansing and correction software for the PC. We are widely recognized as "the deduplication experts" and have created unrivalled phonetic algorithms and fuzzy matching routines for any kind of data, not just names and addresses.

We have over 10 years experience of developing and marketing effective, accurate and powerful data cleansing solutions. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on helpIT systems for their deduplication and other data cleansing requirements.

Duplicate records could spoil your reputation
If you send duplicate mail to your customers and prospects, it will alienate them and damage your credibility. Notes become split across duplicate records. Multiple sales calls are made to the same contact and when details change, only one record is amended. In short, the quality of your data will quickly erode. This costs you money.

Eliminate Duplicate Data…
dedupeIT, intelligent deduplication software, from helpIT systems is a fast, simple and affordable way to effectively remove duplicate records from your database.

Dedupe in just 3 easy steps
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