Frequently Asked Questions

The Import Wizard

dedupeIT has got the wrong names for the data in my file. Why?

Although it is an intelligent program, dedupeIT is not as good as human beings at inspecting data to determine what the different elements are. If it gets any field names wrong, you can correct them e.g. by right clicking on the column, selecting Rename field and choosing the correct field name from the list available.

The field name I need is not shown in the list of names when I select to change the name of a field given by dedupeIT. What should I do?

The list of fields shown contains all the common data items that are common in name and address files. However, dedupeIT only uses name (or company name), address and zip/postcode in deduping, so a data item is not covered by the dropdown list of fields, simply select a field name of Other. If you need to dedupe using a different item of data e.g. an account number or date of birth, you can buy a more functional product from the helpIT systems' range, matchIT, to do this. For more information, visit or

When I open my Access database in dedupeIT, it asks me to select a table. Why?

Access databases can contain several tables and queries. If there is more than one, dedupeIT will ask you which table or query you want to dedupe.

When I open my Excel file in dedupeIT, it asks me to select a sheet. Why?

Excel files can contain several worksheets. If there is more than one, dedupeIT will ask you which worksheet you want to dedupe.

I've opened a text file in dedupeIT but the field breaks are not shown correctly - they are all jumbled together. Why?

For fixed width text files, dedupeIT sometimes fails to identify where one field ends and the next field begins. If you need to split a field into two, you can right-click on the field in question, and choose Split Fields. Similarly, you can Combine Fields by right clicking on one of the fields you want to combine.

Why is the Import Wizard showing some of the fields in my input file shifted over a column or two?

This is probably because they are like this in your input file. If the input file is correct, then it may be that dedupeIT has not properly loaded the records in at the Import stage. If so, try saving the file in a different format e.g. if it is an Excel file, try saving it as a tab delimited file then opening that file in dedupeIT. Alternatively, a sample of the data.

What do the various matching levels mean?

For residential data:

  • Person (contact): This gives one record per person in your deduped file.
  • Family (last name): This gives one record per last name (surname) in your result file. It is a looser setting than Person level, as it ignores the first names or initials of the names.
  • Household (address): This gives one record per address in your result file. It is the loosest of the matching levels, as it ignores the names completely.

For business data:

  • Person (contact): This is the same as for residential data - it gives one record per person working at the company. When matching at person level, the company name is ignored.
  • Company: This gives one record per company at the same address. If you are matching at company level, the contact name is ignored.


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