Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Files

When I right click on a file in Windows Explorer, why can't I see the dedupeIT option?

Not all of the supported file types are available from the Windows Explorer right-click menu, as they depend on the other applications you have installed on your computer. Alternative methods of opening a file for deduplication are dragging the file from Windows Explorer onto the dedupeIT window, or selecting File: Open in dedupeIT and then selecting the file.

How can I ensure that dedupeIT is shown as an option when I right click on a file in Windows Explorer?

Depending on your version of Windows, you may be able to select Open With from the right-click menu and then choose dedupeIT. If dedupeIT is not available from the Open With dialog, select Choose Program and then Browse for the dedupeIT application.

My file is not listed when I choose Open from the dedupeIT File menu to select the file to dedupe. Why not?

The files listed depend on the file type that you select from the Files of type dropdown list:

If you still can't see your file after selecting the appropriate file type, select All Files to bring your file into view.

When I select the file to dedupe, I get an error message "Unknown format". Why is this?

dedupeIT cannot process the file that you have selected. Check that it is a file containing your name and address data.

When I open my file I get a message "You must have at least 40 records in the data for dedupeIT to operate". Why is this?

You have chosen an input file that has less than 40 records in it (or it may not be a name and address data file at all). This file doesn't have enough names and addresses in it for dedupeIT to make intelligent choices about what the fields contain. dedupeIT will not work on files that are this small, but they can be deduped easily by manual inspection.

When I select the file to dedupe, nothing happens. Why?

Check that you have not got the file open in another application and that it is a file containing your name and address data.


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