What dedupeIT does

dedupeIT finds the duplicates in your list and allows you to remove them.

Don’t be fooled by dedupeIT’s ease of use. At the heart of dedupeIT lies a sophisticated matching engine – this is the same matching technology that is used by helpIT systems' leading data cleansing package, the matchIT suite.

dedupeIT’s highly advanced matching capabilities are achieved using complex ‘fuzzy matching’ algorithms developed over more than 15 years by helpIT systems.

What is so special about ‘fuzzy matching’?

Well, duplicate records take many forms; a few will be exact matches, but many of the duplicates will be phonetic, miskeyed or abbreviated variations. Unless these appear side by side in a database, the chances are you will never find them.

For example:
Bob Naughton could have been entered as Robert Norton
Central Finance Limited can be abbreviated to CFL
Mrs Wilson could be miskeyed as Mrs Wislon

There are infinite possibilities!

With dedupeIT, you can find and remove all of these – quickly and easily. You don’t need to worry about how it works. dedupeIT takes care of it for you, leaving you with a duplicate free database.

dedupeIT is easy to use

dedupeIT is an easy to use deduplication software application - there are just a few simple controls to set matching criteria and scoring.

dedupeIT gives you total control

You have full control over which records are regarded as duplicates. You can let dedupeIT decide for you, or you can easily verify each of the matches found and decide which record you wish to keep

System requirements

To function effectively, dedupeIT requires the following minimum hardware/software specifications:

  • Pentium® (or equivalent) processor or higher
  • 32MB RAM
  • 30MB Hard Disk Space
  • Windows® 98 or higher

Supported File Types

  • ASCII text (e.g. CSV,Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Fixed Width)
  • Excel ®
  • Access ®
  • DBF

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